Henderson's Relish is unique in its aroma and flavour. It can be used as both a sauce on meat dishes, soups, and marinades.

Unlike other comparable sauces, the relish is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.The special mix of spices is combined with our secret recipe producing Hendersons unique sauce. The way in which our sauce is blended is still a closely guarded secret and at least once a year a rumour sweeps through Sheffield that the owner is retiring and taking the secret recipe with him. Upon hearing this supermarket shelves are cleared as people stock up on their favourite sauce. 

Fortunately all these rumours are unfounded and Hendersons is going from strength to strength.


It was Mr Henry Henderson who first began manufacturing his own special type of sauce back in the late part of the 19th century. Originally manufactured at 35 Broad Lane in Sheffield, Henderson's Relish is still being made and has been in uninterrupted production within half a mile of the site from which the first bottle was filled.

The company was bought by Shaws of Huddersfield in 1910 who, incidentally, still supply Hendersons with vinegar. In 1940 Mr Charles Hinksman formed the present company of Hendersons (Sheffield) Ltd. the control of which has remained with the family. Dr Kenneth Freeman, the nephew of the late Charles Hinksman, became the Managing Director and Chairman in 1991 and has overseen many important changes in the company's profile.


PREHEN49000       |               Henderson's Yorkshire Relish  12 x 248ml