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BISBOR10010        |      Buttery Sultana Melts 6 x 150g
BISBOR10013        |      Crunchy Oat Crumbles 6 x 150g
BISBOR10014        |      Light & Buttery Viennese Whirls 6 x 150g
BISBOR10015        |      Old Fashioned Ginger Crunch 6 x 150g
BISBOR10018        |      Divinely Chocolatey Cookies  6 x 150g



BISBOR10026       |       Light & Chocolatey Viennese Whirls 6 x 150g
BISBOR10027       |       Chocolatey Oat Crumbles 6 x 150g
BISBOR10029       |       Plain Choc Covered Ginger 6 x 175g
BISBOR10030       |       Choc Chip Shortbread Rings 6 x 150g
BISBOR10031       |       F/Coated Milk Choc Gingers 6 x 175g


New to the Classic Range!


BISBOR10035       |       Time for… Fruity Tea Biscuits 6 x 150g
BISBOR10036       |       Chocolate Fruit & Nut Rubbles 6 x 150g
BISBOR10037       |       Treacle Toffee Treats 6 x 150g
BISBOR10038       |       Devilishly Dark Chocolate Cookies 6 x 150g
BISBOR10039       |       Milk Chocolate HazelNUTcase



 Our inspiration came from desserts. Was it possible, we asked ourselves, to create delicious dessert style flavours in a biscuit?


BISBOR10032        |        Butterscotch & Pecan 6 x 150g
BISBOR10033        |        Danishly Caramel Apple 6 x 150g
BISBOR10035        |        Lemon Drizzle Day 6 x 150g
BISBOR10037        |        Strawberries & Cream Melts 6 x 150g
BISBOR10034        |        Chunky Chocolate & Cherry Trifle 6 x 150g
BISBOR10036        |        Raspberry & White Chocolate Bliss 6 x 150g
BISBOR10039        |        Chocolate Fudgey Wudgies 6 x 150g




We introduced the goodie-two-shoes wholesomeness of slow baked oats to the most taste ticklingly naughty combinations we could dream up.

It's an outrageous romance that started with our Yogurt, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Crumbles.


BISBOR                     |               Pecan, Maple Syrup & Granola Cookies  6 x 175g
BISBOR                     |               Yoghurt, Cranberry & Pumpkin Seed Crumbles 6 x 175g
BISBOR                     |               Mango, Papaya & Passion Fruit Fusions 6 x 175g
BISBOR                     |               Red Berry Rascals 6 x 175g
BISBOR                     |               Blackberry & Apple Crumbles 6 x 175g
BISBOR                     |               Raspberry, White Chocolate & Pistachio Crumbles 6 x 175g

In our book, if you're going to make real fruit shortbread you've got to use real fruit, so we sourced the best we could find.

Once you've sourced the fruitiest fruit you can find, you turn to the shortbread- it takes a lot of trial and error to come up with a shortbread that is just as perfectly light and buttery as it should be.



BISBOR10076        |               Glace Cherry Shortbread Fingers 7X165g

BISBOR10075        |               Strawberry Shortbread Finger 7x165g

BISBOR10077        |               Cranberry & Orange Shortbread Fingers  7x165g

BISBOR10085        |               Sharing Pack 4 x 300g

BISBOR10056        |              100 Mini  2 Packs 5 Varieties