Established in 1993 in Mobberley Cheshire and still a family run business today.

We specialise in SINGLE PORTION INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED CAKES offering a huge range of products from Muffins and Flapjacks to Tarts and Crumbles. Most of our products are available in Mixed Boxes, reducing the need to carry large stocks and offering a comprehensive range.

Mobberley Cakes products are supplied with our ‘own label’ giving exclusivity to the independent trade – you will not find Mobberley Cakes in the major multiples.


CAKMOB26010    |               Country Crumbles Mixed 1 x 24

CAKMOB26009    |               American Muffins Mixed 1 x 20

FLAMOB27001      |               Monster Flapjacks Mixed 1 x 30

BISMOB26013       |              American Style Cookies 1 x 40