Angelic was founded in 2012, with the mission of creating great tasting gluten free foods that the whole family can enjoy!

It all started in the kitchen, where Angelic founder Kirsty decided to create a range of tasty cookies. Having suffered from a gluten intolerance, Kirsty left her full-time job as an Accountant and baked over 200 recipes in her quest. Angelic then started selling cookies to retailers throughout the UK....soon after we couldn't keep up in the kitchen, and moved to a dedicated free from bakery where all our goodies are now made.



BISANG10001 | Sweet chilli 8 x 150g
BISANG10002 | Rosemary & Sea Salt 8 x 150g 
BISANG10003 | Sea Salt 8x150g
BISANG10004 | Cocktail Oatcake 8 x 150g