We are proud to present our mouth-watering, luxury range of versatile products Marinades, Dips, Drizzles, Seasonings and Rubs made using only the finest ingredients to ensure that your final result, gives you equal pride.

All of our products are carefully made using the best quality ingredients, which are combined creating the most amazing flavours to meet the desires of the discerning palate and time conscious needs of today's cooking and to make even the most humble foods extra special. Our products are so versatile designed to save you time.

Combine your favourite meat, fish or vegetables with one of our marinades or seasonings to make a tasty healthy tasty dish that any chef would be proud to serve. Think beyond the boundaries; you can use our products in so many different ways, don't be restricted by the label. Experiment, you may surprise yourself and others?

Versatile - all of the products have a wide variety of uses including:-

Marinades for fish, meats and vegetables

Seasonings and rubs to bring out the flavour of foods

Dressings and drizzles on salads and other foods

A dip for crudités, meats (such a chicken wings), breadsticks and bread


PREADE60001       |               Classic Italian Dressing  6 x 220ml
PREADE60002       |               Sicilian Lemon & Herb House Dressing  6 x 220ml
PREADE60003       |               Seville Orange & Honey Dressing  6 x 200ml
PREADE60004       |               Moroccan Chermoulla Dressing  6 x 220ml
PREADE60005       |               Raspberry  & Mustard Dressing  6 x 220ml
PREADE60006       |               Sicilian Inspired Balsamic Dressing  6 x 220ml

PREADE60007       |               Dill Vinaigrette 6 x 220ml
PREADE60008       |               Poppy Seed Dressing 6 x 200ml
PREADE60001       |               Portuguese Inspired Piri Piri Dressing 6 x 220ml
PREADE 60009      |              Argentinian Chimichurri Dressing 6 x 220ml
PREADE60014       |              Balsamic Glaze Truffle Cream 1 x 200ml
PREADE60015       |              Balsamic Glaze Fig Cream 1 x 200ml
PREADE60016       |              Balsamic Glaze Classic Cream 1 x 200ml