Spanish Passion presents a range of Delicious Foods from Spain using only the Freshest and Finest Ingredients. Browsing through this website we hope you will be inspired to try the range and offer your friends and family a great new tasting experience


Deli Pots

PRESPAN33001 | Baby Gherkins 6 X 380g
PRESPAN33002 | Mixed Pickles 6 X 380g
PRESPAN33003 | Baby Silverskin Onions 6 X 380g
PRESPAN33004 | Pitted Green Olives 6 X 380g
PRESPAN33005 | Spanish Farmhouse Recipe 6 X 390g
PRESPAN33006 | Mixed olive & Pickle 6 x 380g
PRESPAN33007 | Crushed Olives with Garlic 6 x 390g
PRESPAN33008 | Lupini Beans 6 x 380g


Deli Jars

PRESPAN33018 | Spicy Veg Skewers in Vinegar 6x330g
PRESPAN33019 | Pickled Chilies in mild vinegar 6x390g
PRESPAN33020 | Pickled Blush Onions in Tangy Vinegar 12 x 295g
PRESPAN33021 | Olives Stuffed with Red Peppers 12x 330g
PRESPAN33040 | Extra Virgin Olive Oil 12x 750ml
PRESPAN33022 | Pitted Black Olives 12x290g
PRESPAN33035 | Bravas Sauce 6 x 180g
PRESPAN33023 | Grated Celeriac in WhiteWine Vinegar 1x12
PRESPAN33024 | Whole Peeled Garlic 6 x 300g
PRESPAN33025 | Grated Beetroot in White Wine Vinegar 6x295g
PRESPAN33026 | Sundried tomato in olive oil 6 x 180g