Granny Cool's fabulous handmade preserves had to be shared with the world to spread the word that life is too short for boring on toast. We hand cut all the fresh fruit that goes into every award winning, fabulous jar of preserves and each batch is made using the traditional homemade method of open pans! No closed lids for us...Hooray!


PREGRA30001       |               3 Fruits Marmalade  6 X 340g
PREGRA30002       |               3 Fruits/Cinnamon Marmalade 6 x 340g
PREGRA30003       |               Orange/Lemon/Ginger 6 x 340g
PREGRA30004       |               Lime Marmalade 6 x 340g                                                               PREGRA30010       |               Lemon Curd 6 x 340g
PREGRA30011       |               Lime Curd 6 x 340g
PREGRA30012       |               Ginger Curd 6 x 340g