Award winning makers of delicious preserves, chutneys, mustards all hand made in the heart of Lancashire.

We use a very simple principle, take the best Lancashire ingredients whenever available and turn them into some of the finest produce Lancashire has to offer. All our products are additive free, hand prepared, hand made in small batches and cooked in open pans to maintain a naturally exceptional taste. We don't use artificial ingredients of any sort and are one of the few producers who set their preserves by using freshly squeezed lemon juice and their own pectin made from fresh apples.

PREREE41005         |    Sweet raspberry & vanilla jam 1 x 6
PREREE41007         |    Apple Jam with Cinnamon 1 x 6                                              PREREE41001         |    Lime Marmalade with Chilli 1 x 6
PREREE41010         |    Hot Plum & Bramley apple Chutney 1 x 6 
PREREE41012         |    Beetroot Chutney With Orange 1 x 6
PREREE41015         |    Spicy Red Pepper Relish 1 x 6
PREREE41006         |    Blackcurrant Jam/Crème de Cassis 1 x 6