Nestled amongst the trees on the edge of the ‘Forest of Bowland’, an ‘area of outstanding beauty’, is one of Lancashire’s best-kept secrets – PENNINE WAY PRESERVES Country Kitchen. (Proprietors John and Margot Humphreys). It is here that for over thirty-five years we have been making Lemon Cheese, Marmalades and Fruit Conserves of the highest quality.

PREPEN19001 | Lemon Cheese 12 x 340g
PREPEN19002 | Lemon Cheese 24 x 170g
PREPEN19003 | Orange Cheese 12 x 340g
PREPEN19004 | Lime Cheese 24 x 340g
PREPEN19005 | Orange & Lemon Marmalade 12 x 340g
PREPEN19020 | Strawberry Conserve 12 x 340g
PREPEN19021 | Raspberry Conserve 12 x 340g
PREPEN19022 | Blackcurrant Conserve 12 x 340g
PREPEN19023 | Apricot Conserve 12 x 340g
PREPEN19024 | Gooseberry Conserve 12 x 340g
PREPEN19025 | Rhubarb & Ginger Conserve 12 x 340g