Fentimans beverages are botanically brewed and contain all the flavour and goodness from the finest natural ingredients. This results in an invigorating and full-flavoured taste that sets Fentimans apart.




Botanical brewing is a simple process involving herbs and plant roots. Thomas Fentiman’s original recipe involved milling ginger roots before tumbling them into copper steam jacketed pans and leaving them to bubble and simmer releasing all their flavour. The finest herbs, natural flavourings, sugar, brewer's yeast and fresh spring water were then added to the liquid which was transferred into wooden vats where it was left to ferment.

 The world’s first botanically brewed tonic water is made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which results in a unique, refreshing and distinctive citrus flavour. 

"Very special.....in a G&T it’s perfection" - The Guardian




DRIFEN23001 | Ginger Beer 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23002 | Victorian Lemonade 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23003 | Seville Orange Jigger 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23004 | Curiosity Cola 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23005 | Shandy 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23006 | Dandelion & Burdock 12 x 275ml
DRIFEN23011 | Rose Lemonade 12 x 275 ml
DRIFEN23033 | Cherry Tree Cola 12 x 275ml DRIFEN23031 | Wild English Elderflower 12 x275ml


DRIFEN23012 | Rose Lemonade 8 x 750ml
DRIFEN23013 | Ginger Beer 8 x 750ml
DRIFEN23014 | Dandelion & Burdock 8 750ml
DRIFEN23015 | Curiosity Cola 8 x 750ml


DRIFEN23009 | Curiosity Cola 24 x 125ml
DRIFEN23007 | Ginger Beer 24 x 125ml
DRIFEN23008 | Tonic Water 24 x 125ml
DRIFEN23032 | Tonic Water 6 x 4 Pack (200ml)

DRIFEN23030 | Bloom London Dry Gin and Tonic 6.5% ABV 12 x 275ml New!