Cafe kiss is created using the finest ingredients from around the world. So whatever you're in the mood for, be it a decadent latte before bed or a refreshing ice cold frappuccino on a hot summers day, we've got the perfect flavour syrups to give your coffee based drinks an extra 'kiss'.

DRIKIS51001      |                 Café Kiss Vanilla 12 x 250ml
DRIKIS51002      |                 Café Kiss Gingerbread 12 x 250ml                              
DRIKIS51003      |                 Café Kiss Hazelnut 12 x 250ml

DRIKIS51004     |                  Café Kiss Amaretto 12 x 250ml
DRIKIS51005     |                  Café Kiss Caramel 12 x 250ml
DRIKIS51006     |                  Café Kiss Chocolate 12 x 250ml
DRIKIS51007     |                  Café Kiss Green Mint 12 x 250ml

DRIKIS51017          |               Café Kiss Vanilla 6 x 70cl
DRIKIS51018          |               Café Kiss Gingerbread 6 x 70cl            
DRIKIS51019          |               Café Kiss Hazelnut 6 x 70cl
DRIKIS51020          |               Café Kiss Amaretto 6 x 70cl
DRIKIS51021          |               Café Kiss Caramel 6 x 70cl
DRIKIS51022          |               Café Kiss Chocolate 6 x 70cl
DRIKIS51023          |               Café Kiss Green Mint 6 x 70cl