Folkington's is a range of fruit juices that have unique provenance and authenticity. They are made from pure (not concentrated) fruit juice from selected varieties grown in Britain and around the world. They contain no preservatives, added flavours, added sugar* or unnecessary artificial additives or sweeteners. We pasteurise each juice before bottling to ensure that they taste as fresh as they were on the day the fruit was pressed.


DRIMET55007 | Elderflower Drink 12 x 250ml 
DRIMET55003 | Cranberry Juice 12 x 250ml
DRIMET55000 | Orange Juice 12 x 250ml
DRIMET55004 | Cloudy Pear Juice 12 x 250ml
DRIMET55001 | Cloudy Apple 12 x 250ml
DRIMET50505 | Tomato Juice 12 x 250ml
DRIMET55002 | Pink Lemonade 12 x 250ml
DRIMET55006 | Mango Juice 12 x 250ml 
DRIMET55009 | British Summer Berries 12 x 250ml New!

 The following are available in 1 litre bottles: Orange, Elderflower, Pink Lemonade, Cloudy pear Juice, Tomato, Apple and Summer Berries