QU4TTRO STAGIONI is derived from the Italian Quattro Stagioni, meaning “Four Seasons” and therefore each Season is represented in the range by a different flavour.

Much of Italian food is seasonal. Rarely will a dish be served with ingredients that are not ready for eating in the relevant season and great store is set by being able to prepare food within these limitations. And in doing so, Italians are able to enjoy variety throughout the year as well as the freshness of locally or regionally grown seasonal provender. Qu4ttro Stagioni reflects this culinary heritage; despite the curious paradox that each flavour sells equally well throughout the year!

QU4TTRO STAGIONI is made from a blend of fruit juices, pure spring water, sugar and natural flavours.

DRIMET55020        |  Orange & Passion fruit (Plastic) 12 x 500ml
DRIMET55021        |  Orange, Carrot & Lemon (Plastic) 12 x 500ml
DRIMET55022        |  Grapefruit & Cranberry (Plastic) 12 x 500ml
DRIMET55023        |  Lemon & Ginger (Plastic) 12 x 500ml